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exquisite craftsmanship, world class materials and exceptional customer service

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world class materials

natural stone and quartz

Granite is one of the most abundant, and most widely known rocks  on Earth offering the largest selection of material proven to stand the test of time.


Marble stone is formed from limestone, fused to form its unique crystalline structure.  These natural counter top surfaces provide timeless appeal of classic beauty and elegance.


Prexury® is an exceptional collection combines natural, semi-precious stones, petrified wood and unusual fossils to create solid, elegant surfaces with the most extraordinary designs.


Engineered quartz is a precise mixture of stone, resins, and pigments using highest production technology to provide a vast array of vibrant colors and styles ideal for plenty of use and abuse.


As a legacy of one of the largest countertop manufacturers in the nation, Baroque Countertops takes pride in being among the elite stone fabrication shops of Austin. From hotels to single bathroom remodels, we stand behind every one of our clients, striving to provide seamless support from countertop design to installation on each and every project. Expect the best, because we do. 

Exceptional service can only be provided when the best materials and tools are used by the best people. Our simplified personalized natural stone selection process and solid international partnerships allow our customers to select from the largest collection of natural & quartz stone option in the market.  Only the best of the best will do for you. 

We perceive every project as an opportunity to add lasting value to our clients lives, tangibly and personally. We do everything we can to ensure that this experience is one our clients will be able to brag about.  Simply EMAIL or CALL us to schedule a free countertop design consultation.  We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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